Cornwall Travel Centre is a fee-for-service travel clinic, meaning that we collect payment at the time of service (cash, credit card, and cheque). After each session we will email or provide an itemized bill to our patients so those who are interested in reimbursement can independently submit it to their insurance companies. While most insurance companies cover the cost of medication. There are no guarantee that they would cover the cost of the consultation. Please consult your insurance company for more information. Please ensure to fill out the Cornwall Travel Centre Health Assessment Form for each consultation participant(s).


Single Person Consultation

Type Session Price
Evaluation 60 minutes $70 for 1 person

Group Consultation

Type Session Price
Group of 2 60-90 minutes $100
Group of 3 90 -120 minutes $130
Group of 4+ 90-120 minutes $25 for each additional person above 3


Polio: No charge – One dose is sufficient if taken as a child.

Rabies: Preventative 3 doses over the course of 3-4 weeks.

Tetanus-diphtheria-(pertussis): No charge – Once every 10 years.

Tick-borne encephalitis: Currently not available.

Twinrix: 3 doses. Hepatitis A and B combined.

Twinrix Junior: 3 doses. Hepatitis A and B combined.

Typhoid: Lasts for 2-3 years.

Vivaxim: Hepatitis A and typhoid combined

MMR: No charge – Measles-mumps-rubella

Meningococal meningitis: This is the quadrivalent (A, C, Y, W135) vaccine required for Haj and Umra and for the meningitis belt of Africa.

Dukoral: Sold in 1-2 doses.
Two-doses are needed the first time Dukoral is taken. Boosters are single dose. Effective for cholera but poor efficacy for traveller’s diarrhea.

Hepatitis A: First dose protects for 1-3 yrs depending on brand; 2nd dose for at least 25 years.

Hepatitis A pediatric: Please contact

Hepatitis B: The 3 dose schedule is the most common but several other can be used.

Hepatitis B pediatric: Please contact

Japanese encephalitis: Two doses are given 4 weeks apart.

Yellow fever: A single dose is now sufficient for lifelong protection.

* Please note that the actual price of the vaccine(s) may vary based on individual and family health insurance coverage. For more details, please contact our pharmacy directly.

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