Why do I need a pre-travel consultation?

A Cornwall Area Travel Clinic consultation will help you identify and analyze any health risks. Based on your specific health history and your trip itinerary, our pharmacist will determine the vaccinations, as well as any precautionary measures needed.

Why is there a consultation fee for my travel health appointment?

The travel consultation service is provided by our pharmacist who have extensive training and education to ensure sufficient time and resources are made available to you in order to provide a proper consultation and immunization based on your particular needs. We are also a designated yellow fever vaccination centre.

What happens during my pre-travel consultation?

On your appointment, our travel experts will evaluate your risks and provide recommendations based on your trip and health status. We will also recommend medication and administer any vaccine(s) on site. comprehensive medication assessment will be conducted if needed. By the end of your evaluation, we will answer any related questions and concerns you may have and provide you with helpful travel information to ensure you have a health and safe trip.

How long will my appointment take?

Cornwall Area Travel Clinic consultation takes approximately 30-60 minutes for individuals, 60-90 minutes for groups of 3-4 and 60 minutes or more for larger groups. It is important that you allocate suficient time for us to provide a proper assement and to answer any questions you may have.

Does Ontario Health Care pay for travel health services?

The consultation fee is not covered by the provincial health care, therefore, this fee needs to be charged directly to the patient. Some medications and vaccines are covered by the province and private drug benefit plans. We advice you to check with your benefit company for more details on coverage.

When should I book my pre-travel consultation appointment?

Whether it is for a yellow fever vaccination or a preventative illness consult, we recommend that you book your appointment with Cornwall Area Travel Clinic at least 6 weeks prior to departure. For your convenience, the consult can be done in person, by phone or online. Some Vaccines will require more than one dose and time to become effective. If you are running last minute, our pharmacist may provide some advice and alternatives that may help minimize the travel health risks.

You can use the quick and easy online booking button. Alternatively, you can contact Cornwall Travel Clinic by phone (613) 534-3777 or use the form under the contact page. Consultations are available in person, online or by phone.

Cornwall Area Travel Clinic accepts credit cards, cash and checks. Our staff will assist you in submitting insurance claims if you have any direct-billing drug insurance coverages. Please be sure to present your drug benefit cards and Ontario Healthcare Card when you at your appointment.

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